Milking Equipment e.g. milking machines, milking cans, milking buckets, strip cups, mastitis equipment.

One of the most important pieces of dairy farm equipment is milking equipment. General-purpose equipment, milking machinery, storage equipment, and cow comfort equipment are the four primary categories.
Several kinds of equipment will be used by many dairy farmers to improve the health of their herds. The cattle are kept engaged, cool, and clean using a fan, activity systems, misting equipment, and a cow-activated brush system.

If milking machines are properly installed, maintained in great functioning conditions, and used, modern milking machines are capable of milking cows swiftly and efficiently without damaging the udder. The milking machine serves two primary purposes. It uses a partial suction to open the streak canal, allowing milk to flow from the teat cistern through a line to a receiving container. It massages the teat, preventing blood and lymph congestion in the teat.

Stainless Steel Milk Cans have a longer operational life and require less maintenance. Each of the milk cans has a polished surface with a 150 grit sanitary finish, allowing for easy and hygienic cleaning. The stainless steel milk can also be used to keep milk cold for longer periods of time. The heat conductivity of the stainless steel used is lower than that of aluminum.

Mastitis is a condition in which the mammary gland and udder tissue of a cow become inflamed. It’s an endemic disease that keeps dairy producers up at night. AccuMast is a highly successful mastitis test that is also proven to be crucial in detecting bacteria that cause infections in cattle. This ground-breaking technology is both speedy and dependable, yielding accurate and simple-to-understand results in as little as 16 hours.