Milk analyzers consist of Lactoscan FARMECO, Lactoscan MCCW, Lactoscan SAP, Lactoscan S, Mastitis Indicator Paper & more.

Milk analyzers(MA) that use ultrasonic technology measure all of the major milk characteristics very precisely and quickly. Without the use of chemicals or reagents, FAT, SNF, Density, Protein, Lactose, Salts, Added water, Sample Temperature, Freezing point, Electrical conductivity *, pH* Milk scanners use ultrasonic technology to analyze milk quickly and accurately. As a result, the gadgets are small and inexpensive.

There are two types of milk testers: Master and Lactomat. All of the (MA) are pre-calibrated and ready to use, and they can test any form of raw animal milk, including cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, and horse milk, as well as UHT, pasteurized, and skimmed milk. Each milk test requires a tiny sample of 20ml and is completed in 60 seconds or 30 seconds by milk testers, depending on the type of milk analyzer selected by the client. Lactomat Rapid and Lactomat Rapid Mini MA evaluate each milk sample in approximately 18 seconds, making them the fastest ultrasonic milk testing devices on the market.


Internal memory is built into every MA. Depending on the gadget model, it can save anywhere from 50 to 500 measurements. All milk testers come with RS 232 and USB connectors, allowing them to be connected to a computer or a thermal printer. A one-year guarantee applies to all milk analyzers. It covers all manufacturing flaws that aren’t caused by poor maintenance or incorrect use. On the client’s request, each MA can be outfitted with a variety of additional functions.

Range of Measurement of All Milk Analyzers

Milk Fat _ Depending on the model our milk analyzers measure Fat between 0% and 45%

Solids-Non-Fat (SNF)_ Range of measurement is between 3% and 40%

Milk Density_ Our devices analyze milk density in the range 1000 – 1160 kg/m ³

Protein in Milk_ Most professional milk analyzers can detect protein in the scope of 2% – 15%

Lactose Analysis_ The range of most available analyzers is between 0.01% – 20%

Added Water in Milk_ All milk analyzers can detect the added water in milk in the range 0% – 70%. Appr. accuracy of the measurement is +/-3%

pH of Milk_ All milk analyzers can be equipped additionally with a pH probe and measure milk pH in the range 0 – 14