Ultrasound Scanners consist of BMV Ultrasound Scanner

BMV’s Ultrasound Scanners BestScan Series has been designed to meet the needs of an agricultural environment, delivering fast, accurate, and simple results while seamlessly integrating into your veterinarian’s and farmer’s workflow, resulting in increased farm productivity and improved animal health. It is thus your best choice for a Smart Veterinary Ultrasound System.

Application: Dairy Cows, Beef Cows, Feedlot,  Sheep,  Horses,  Pigs,  Small Animals and  other body scans, for example, Abdomen, Reproduction, Gynecology, Cardiology, Small Parts.

Rugged design

We at BMV are familiar with the difficulties that farmers face. The BestScan® series is small and light, but it is built to withstand harsh circumstances.

Environmental rating: With IP67 waterproof protective case; IP67 (probe head),IP54 (main unit),IP45(Remote controller)

Ease of use

Despite its technological prowess, the BestScan is simple and uncomplicated to operate. Grid for estimation, for example: You may quickly determine the size of the target substance, such as a follicle or a fertilized egg, using the grid on the imaging area. Workflow: Simplified workflow with on-farm veterinary exams, as well as multi-language capability. Images can be kept for up to 1000 frames and exported via USB/SD card.

Long battery life

When scanning a large herd, a long battery life is essential. For example, the continuous scan time on the BestScan® S6 and BestScan® S8 is more than 8 hours with two batteries and a removable battery design.

Measurements & calculation packages

Fetal age tables with report pages are available for bovine, equine, porcine, ovine, and camelids, as well as an Animal Science option with report pages (hide-fatloin thickness).
Tendon measures with report pages (equine) are offered for horses.
Furthermore, the veterinarian application software’s application selection makes it simple to choose the required species, measurement, and application.


Ultrasound Scanners to be used by a Veterinary professional.