Diagnostic equipment & others e.g. thermometers, surgical blades, Surgical kits

There are various diagnostic equipment that might be beneficial and practical to have within reach in order to take proper care of animals, identify if they are sick, and treat them. Some of the more common tools are listed below and are commonly available in Kenya and East Africa.

Surgical equipment

Temperature stability aids, surgical equipment accessories, and tattoo identification systems are examples of devices used in surgical procedures on non-human subjects.


A thermometer is very useful to check body temperature. It is an essential tool for the serious livestock farmer to help her or him in judging animal health.

California Mastitis Test (CMT)

The California Mastitis Test is a more effective technique for early identification of mastitis (CMT). A paddle with four cups, one for each quarter, is used in this test. With one hand, hold the handle. Then milk a streak of milk from each quarter into the paddle’s corresponding cup, keeping in mind that the paddle’s handle points towards the cow’s tail.

Strip cup

A strip cup is a highly valuable equipment that every dairy farmer should have. If any lumps are detected after milking the first few strips into a strip cup, it indicates that mastitis is beginning or advanced.

Needles and stitching materials

To stitch wounds, needles and sewing material (thread = suture) are used.


A trocar used to make a hole in the rumen to treat severe bloat. Trocars are available in two sizes: cattle and sheep.