A.I Equipment consists of A.I gloves, A.I Tanks (liquid nitrogen containers), A.I Sheaths socks) forceps, goblets, Thawing units, scissors.

A.I Sheaths are simple to use and adaptable to a variety of animal husbandry methods. These artificial insemination equipment are simple to set up and replace when necessary. This product can be used with all types of cattle, horses, and other animals in comparable situations. The equipment is built of high-quality plastic materials that are long-lasting and sturdy. Other amazing deals on feeding and watering supplies, farm animal supplies, home & garden, and pet products can be found in Medilink! In Medilink, you may shop with confidence. When you buy from us, you get more and save more.

Many cows are bred today using artificial insemination (AI) and sperm from a good bull. The majority of dairy cows are AI-bred, many seedstock beef herds employ AI, and an increasing number of commercial beef herds use AI on their heifers and top cows. This is a strategy to make sure heifers are bred to easy-calving bulls, or to use the genetics of numerous great sires without having to own them.

In the last 50 years, AI’s process and technology—as well as conception rates—have vastly increased, although the procedure is not new. Artificial insemination was first documented in 1780, when an Italian scientist named Spallanzani used AI in dogs to produce puppies.

During the 1800s, there were a few more reports of successful AI breedings, but it wasn’t until around 1900 that substantial research with farm animals began in Russia. The procedure was invented for mares by a scientist named Ivanov, and by 1930, he and his colleagues were performing artificial insemination on cattle and sheep.