Hoof equipment consist of hoof trimmers, hoof cutters, hoof knives, hoof nippers, foot rot shear…

With a self-adhering bandage that delivers great porosity, high-end quality hoof care is affordable, lightweight, and comfortable. Some have non-slip support and are sweat and water resistant. With the powerful and innovative cow hoof equipment tools available at medilink.co.ke, taking care of your livestock and running an efficient farm is now achievable. These upgraded and efficient bovine hoof clipping equipment are utilized for a variety of livestock farming and raising applications. To provide long-lasting services, the products are made with durable raw materials and innovative procedures. Cattle hoof trimming tools are easy to clean and do not require any maintenance, reducing labor expenditures. Choose from a variety of veterinary tools, including cages, massage brushes, automatic cages, clippers, and more.

Hoof knives

The ordinary hoof knife remains the most important trimming instrument. A sharp trimming knife is a must-have for every hoof care equipment. When the blade is dull, you must use excessive force. As a result, the knife penetrates the claw too deeply or removes too much horn. Sharp tools won’t wear you out as quickly because it’s precision work.

Hoof nippers

Hoof nippers are used by skilled farriers to remove not just the overgrown hoof, but also to bevel the hoof’s edge to lessen the amount of rasping required. The frog of the hoof is also trimmed with hoof nippers.

Hoof Cutter

You can choose from a wide range of cattle hoof cutter options, including diagnostic and injection, obstetric appliances, disinfection equipment, and anatomical appliances.