Cow comfort equipments consists of local cow mattresses and cow mattresses from Kraiburg Kraiburg, Germany

Cow comfort has become a term in the dairy industry, although it is often misunderstood or misdefined. So, what exactly is “Cow Comfort?”

The goal of cow comfort is to reduce stress in the animal’s environment so that it can perform at its best. Stress deprives the cow of her potential milk production and health, which we have obtained via breeding programs and improved nutrition. A cow should be eating, drinking, lying down producing milk, or being milked at any given time.

While many cattle(dairy) comfort issues are related to facility design, facility management is critical to ensuring optimum cow comfort in the barn. Job descriptions and standard operating procedures must be written and implemented with the cow’s welfare in mind at all times. In exchange for milk and meat, the dairy sector has a moral obligation to give care, safety, and cow comfort to the animals.

Cow mattress

Cow Mattresses are designed for both feedlot and dairy cattle in farm and community barns to maximize efficiency and reduce labor costs.

By isolating feed-lot cattle from damp and chilly floors, Cow Mattress is great for preventing decreased sperm quality, which occurs as a result of animals acquiring cold. Cow Mattress is also useful for preventing teat deformation and mastisis in dairy cattle caused by cold weather (teat inflamation). Dairy cattle that were kept germ-free and out of the cold by using an animal bed produced more milk. The stiffness of the floor was adjusted to an ideal level as a result of laboratory experiments, and the roof fraction was avoided.