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Obstetric set

Kit with tools necessary for assistance during animal’s child-bearing

Introducing our comprehensive Obstetric Set, designed to assist veterinarians and breeders in facilitating safe and efficient deliveries. Packed with essential instruments and accessories, this kit provides the necessary tools for successful obstetric procedures. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

1- Obstetric Chain 1mtr (2pcs): Strong and durable chains for secure and controlled assistance during difficult deliveries.

2- Wooden Handles (2pcs): Ergonomically designed handles for a comfortable grip, ensuring ease of use during obstetric procedures.

3- Eye Hook on Chain (2pcs): Convenient hooks that securely attach to the obstetric chain, offering stability and control.

4- Endless Chain with 2 Harm Eye Hooks: A continuous chain with multiple eye hooks, providing versatile options for various obstetric scenarios.

5- Calving Ropes 1 Loop (1pc): A specialized looped rope designed to aid in the extraction of newborns during delivery.

6- Blunt Eye Hooks (2pcs): Gentle yet effective hooks used to assist in navigating obstetric challenges without causing harm.

7- Calving Belt with Hook (1pc): A supportive belt equipped with a reliable hook, promoting stability and optimal positioning during assisted deliveries.

8- Obstetric Hook Krey Schottler (1pc): A precision instrument designed to aid in the delivery of newborns in cases of uterine inertia.

9- Lubricant Gel 500ml: A high-quality lubricating gel to facilitate smooth and safe obstetric procedures.

10- Towel (1pc): A soft and absorbent towel for maintaining cleanliness during the delivery process.

11- Gloves (Pack of 100s): A large pack of disposable gloves to ensure hygienic conditions throughout multiple procedures.

12- Metal Box: A sturdy and compact metal box for organized storage and convenient transportation of all the obstetric instruments.

Trust our Obstetric Set to equip you with the essential tools needed for successful and safe deliveries. Order now and experience convenience, reliability, and peace of mind during every obstetric procedure.


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