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How To Make More Income With Livestock Farming

How To Make More Income With Livestock Farming.

From history, livestock farming has been a great source of income for human beings. And at present, livestock farming is undoubtedly a money-making business both on a large-scale and small-scale.

If you have a livestock production business then here are some ideas to make more money with livestock.

1. Sell milk and dairy products.

One of the major ways to make more money from livestock farming is by selling their dairy products.
You can get dairy products from cows, goats, and of course sheep.

There’s a special demand for raw goat milk, especially from people with dairy allergies.  This is because goat milk is easier to digest.

Goat milk soap is another hard-to-find product that is in high demand for its organic effects and health benefits.
So you see, raising dairy goats can be very financially rewarding.

All you have to do is make sure your healthiest animals keep lactating, by milking them at least twice a day. You need about 3-7 lactating animals in rotation to meet the requirements of a small dairy farm.

Dairy farming is a very good way for livestock farmers to increase their income. Dairy farming gives not only fresh milk & a source of basic income, improved products like yogurt & cheese, yield even more profit.

2. Sell grass-fed livestock/meat.

Grass-fed livestock is expensive, especially beef.  This is because grass-fed meat requires additional time and effort to be transported to the market.

Raising cattle for beef is an excellent way to make a lot of profit.  If your dairy cows give birth to heifers you can  breed them and sell them for twice as much as a calf.  If your cows throw bulls, steer them and raise them up with the rest of  the herd until butcher.

Grass-fed beef takes a bit longer, as does raising dairy steers for slaughter.  Don’t be tempted to feed them grain and you’ll be rewarded for raising them on grass with a high price tag.

Raising lambs for meat is also quite profitable, why?  Because quality lambs are in high demand and often lamb prices are at a high. Lambs are butchered at 9-12 months. Grass-fed lamb fetches a high price as well in the market.

3. Sell bull service.

Keeping a bull to breed cows for hire is an easy way to acquire profits. Once your cows are bred for the season, rent out the bull to other local farms that are looking for a good, proven bull. You also save costs considering someone else is feeding and housing your bull for you.

4. Rent goats for weed control

Goats love to eat shrubs, especially weeds. Goat herds are used as this eco-friendly way of weeding a portion of land.  Some major benefits of renting goats are the elimination of chemicals, coupled with the fact that it’s a lot more cost-effective than hiring men and machines to clean and clear.   If you’re thinking about keeping a herd of goats, consider renting them out for some extra cash.

5. Sell Wool

Ewes usually give birth to one to three lambs every year, which helps to increase your profits. The most expensive thing about raising sheep is their food. If you can find a dependable feed dealer then maintaining profits would be easy and consistent.  The market price for raw sheep wool will depend on the breed.

If you enjoyed this article, visit the Livestock247 blog for more industry tips on livestock and related topics.

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