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“A comfortable cow is a cash cow”. Ever heard that one before? Did you know that the more comfortable a cow is, the higher the milk yield will be? Believe it or not, we did not make this up.

Cows that are comfortable will have less stress, eat more, have less health problems, and be injured less. Good cow comfort makes milk. Therefore, cows need to lie down comfortably. Under ideal conditions, cows lie down for approximately 14 hours per day. Lying down is important because the cow rests and ruminates. The cow’s hooves rest and dry off. There is more space for other cows to walk around in a barn. Blood circulation through the udder increases by up to 30 percent. Reduction in lying time reduces milk production. If stall comfort is a problem, cows stand more. This could increase laminitis. Cows should get up in stalls as they would out on a pasture and with the same comfort. Bedding is needed to facilitate cow movement and maintain cleanliness. 

It would be in your best interest to make your animals as comfortable as possible. That is, if you want maximum value for your money. Enter a cow mattress.


 A cow mattress is an inexpensive platform made of 100% latex rubber and a non-slip dust-proof coating for the cows to rest and sleep on. They come in varying thicknesses and sizes for added flexibility to fit your cow stall.  The rubber is soft enough to ensure the udders of the cows are not crushed under their heavy bodies and are not damaged (mitigating inflammation), yet comfortable enough to protect the animal’s hoofs attributed to the compressive qualities and non-skid surface of the rubber. Other than improving milk yields, cow mats have other advantages too. The mats will protect the cows from the hard and cold floor, and also relieve the symptoms of arthritis. The rubber material also prevents noise. Thanks to this material, your cows will give birth in a quiet and clean environment as they should. Cows should be kept away from noisy places when it is time for the birth. Because of sudden and fast movements, cows may start to fidget and move around, harming you both. For dairy cows, Rubber cow mats can be used to prevent this.



Maintenance of the mats is easier than concrete flooring. The highly weather resistant & waterproof nature of the rubber used to make the mats make them easy to clean the cow stalls in any weather. Cracks in the concrete floors may cause the cows to trip, hence injuring themselves. However, the level surface of the cow mattresses coupled with the interlocking technology used to connect the mats makes this a thing of the past. Durability is also guaranteed. The rubber mats are durable for years on end and can withstand even your heaviest animal with ease. 


With these in your farm, you are assured the best care for your herd. Issues such as mastitis, foot rot and heel warts will remain history while you mint more bucks from your cash cow. Wonder where you can acquire these? Medilink Vet Suppliers shall provide you with a wide range of the highest quality cow mattresses the industry has to offer. Visit us at the Mezzanine floor of Development House, Moi Avenue, Nairobi. 


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