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Author name: Eugine Luvaha

Hormone Synchronization for Cattle Breeding: Enhancing Reproductive Efficiency

Introduction Cattle breeding play a vital role in ensuring a sustainable and productive agricultural industry. One of the key factors influencing successful breeding programs is hormone synchronization. By harnessing the power of hormones, farmers can optimize reproductive cycles, enhance fertility, and improve overall herd productivity. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of hormone synchronization in cattle breeding and how it can be effectively implemented to achieve the best results for your farm. …

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Enhancing Cattle Farming Success with Medilink Vet Supplies: Mastering the Art of Cow Estrus Detection

Introduction Cattle farming is an essential part of agriculture, providing us with milk, meat, and leather. In Kenya, small holder dairy farming is very popular where farmers are content to keep a herd of cattle whether it makes economic sense or not. This is mostly a cultural thing or just a tradition that has been carried over from one generation to another. To ensure a successful cattle farming operation, particularly in dairy farming, it is crucial to understand the …

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Mastering Complete Cow Selection

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EARTAGS: WHY USE THEM? Animal identification has been around for a really long time. If you have a pet, you have likely purchased a collar and tag for your new puppy or kitty (unless of course it’s a pet snake or tortoise). Similarly, we use ear tags to identify our cattle immediately. Ear tags are flat, mostly plastic or metallic objects of various colors that are connected to the ears of cattle, sheep, goats or …

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cow mattress

  WHY YOU SHOULD UTILIZE COW MATTRESSES “A comfortable cow is a cash cow”. Ever heard that one before? Did you know that the more comfortable a cow is, the higher the milk yield will be? Believe it or not, we did not make this up. Cows that are comfortable will have less stress, eat more, have less health problems, and be injured less. Good cow comfort makes milk. Therefore, cows need to lie down …

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