Poultry Equipment e.g poultry feeders, drinkers, incubators

With our broad variety of poultry equipment and poultry supplies, you can care for your poultry and game birds. From poultry feeders and fowl watering systems to poultry housing, Medilink has it all. With a variety of poultry and game bird feeders to select from, we make feeding your broilers and layers a breeze; everything from range feeders to feeder platforms, baby chick feeders to 50 pound feeders and more! By providing cleaner water, poultry watering systems help keep your poultry and game birds healthy – hydrate your flock like the experts! Replacement nipples and egg handling materials are also available from Medilink. Not only do our coops and poultry houses provide refuge and security for your flock, but they also keep them safe from predators and safe environment for free range chickens, turkeys, quail and game birds.


Incubators are poultry equipment that are used to hatch the egg of a bird in a controlled environment. The poultry birds can generally hatch the egg under natural conditions, but only a limited number of eggs can be maintained and hatched. So, when it is necessary to hatch a large number of eggs then you must have to use an incubator.


A feeder is a piece of equipment that is used to feed poultry birds. Feeders made of plastic or metal are commonly used to feed chickens. To keep the chicken healthy, keep the feeder nice and clean at all times. Maintain a sufficient number of feeders in your poultry house based on the number of birds. If the number of feeders is less than the number of hens, the birds will not be able to consume enough food, and their health will suffer; if the number of feeders is greater than the number of chickens, the birds will waste food, increasing your feeding costs. As a result, keep the quantity of feeders in proportion to the number of birds in your yard.